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A sense of place is a unique collection of qualities and characteristics – visual, cultural, social, and environmental – that provide meaning to a location. Sense of place is what makes one city or town different from another, but sense of place is also what makes our physical surroundings worth caring about.


Sense of Place Development (SOPD) is designed to create value and increase the operating efficiencies for all stakeholders, including: airports and their governing bodies, food, beverage and retail concessionaires, and most importantly, local brands and their owners.


Over the last decade,  the airport concession industry has experienced a paradigm shift; many airports are requiring or encouraging local brand participation as they seek to create a "sense of place." This change has forced concessionaires to build out a local brand portfolio in each market. This has proved to be costly and time-consuming.


Recognizing this, SOPD has created a more efficient method which will streamline the brand development and acquisition process, ensuring that each brand captures its real value while protecting its integrity. In addition, this model will provide the concessionaires with the airports preferred brands. Securing these valuable brands will increase revenue, reduce risk and create more certainty concerning the outcome of the procurement.


By building relationships with local brands, SOPD will capture the spirit of a community's food, beverage and retail culture. SOPD’s priority will be partnering with the most talented and respected restauranteurs and retailers in the community. Unlike the traditional model, SOPD’s sole purpose will be to represent the interest of its brands. We will educate and advocate on behalf of our brand portfolio and provide complete transparency into the process. Armed with this information and an irreplaceable brand portfolio, we will possess the needed insight, knowledge, and expertise to build a winning team.


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